Hydraulic Lift Components

Hydraulic Elevator Valves for power units are mainly supplied by a well known European Company whose long term domination in the international market provides a unique guarantee. This valve includes the widest range of options offerd in the Elevator Industries for high performance in lifts. Easy to install, valves are smooth, reliable and precise in operation throughout extreme load and temperature variations.

The immersed screw pumps coupled with Immersed Motor or Flange Mounted Motor run quietly and without pulsation and guarantee a long life. Screw pumps are used in Hydraulic Elevators and Hydraulic Systems of every kind.

Rotor : Alloy Al-Si Treated, UNI 3600.
Power Rotor : Steel Construction, UNI 4838.
Idler Rotor : Paralytic iron, UNI 5007.
Filteration : Suction Filter 0.25mm2.
Temperature : 100 C maximum.
Noise : Silent.

The rupture valve can be mounted in any position directly onto the cylinder inlet. In the event of failure in the main cylinder line or where the down speed exceeds allowable limits, the rapture valve closes, bringing the car to a smooth stop.

The Pressure Lock Valve is a solenoid operated check valve designed for hydraulic lifts and includes a self closing manual lowering valve. Its purpose is to allow free flow of oil from the pump unit A to the cylinder B for upward travel and to prevent flow in the reverse direction from B to A until an electrical signal is given to the solenoid. Installed in the main cylinder line directly adjacent to the main lift control valve, the valve can be employed as a safety back up valve to the down system of the main control valve to prevent unwanted down movement of the lift should an electrical or mechanical malfunction occur in the main control valve. Another application of this valve is to reduce the amount of bounce in a hydraulic lift system due to the compressibility factor of oil between the cylinder and the control valve, by mounting this valve directly onto the cylinder connection. A Slack Rope Valve in the case of 1:2 lifts is optional. It prevents the slack rope condition caused by the lowering of the ram when the car is suspended in the safeties or resting on the buffers.

These valves are manually operated down valves, adjustable in their down speed. They close automatically upon release. They can be used for emergency manual lowering or in combination with the main down valve to achieve an overspeed of the lift for testing the pipe rupture valve.

Hand pump is for application with hydraulic lifting or pressing equipment, for emergency operation of hydraulic lifts and for the pressure testing of hydraulic systems in general. The built-in relief valve should be adjusted to prevent unintentional high pressure being applied to the system. A built-in manual valve for releasing pressure from the system is available as an option.

A Power unit is the motor mechanism for a hydraculic lift.
Its main parts, Elevator Valves, Submersible Motors and Screw Pumps are manufactured by specilized European Companies.

External Motors are 3 Phase AC Synchronous motors with stage and clutch enclosure IP00 with construction form B15 and insulation class F. The Motors used in the power packs of our Hydraulic lifts are products of well known companies.

Simple, Single stage, made in "Jindal" S.S. material, 350 kg of pressure rating.
Cylinder is built with imported P.U- "U"CUP oil sealing which is of Nok-Japan and it is design for special hydraulic lift cylinder.
Outer casing of MS Pipe is 7mm thickness with welded waterproof MS End cap.
24-25% Graded Casting Metal Pulley with bushes.
The piston and cylinder assembly forms the hydraculic lifting mechanism.

The car frame is the base on which the lift cabin is placed. It is made up of the parts the lead the cabin along the guides, as well as all the necessary safety system. It's design was carried out according to the principles of material resistance, in order to ensure the requirted firmness and for forces to be channeled in the most normal way to the shaft's structural elements.

The microprocessor controller is designed using state of the art technology that is flexible and versatile with enviable features that our customers aspire to install in their constructions.